Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snap Side Pocket Style Training Pants

Coming soon to snap side training pants in pocket style. These pants have waterproof PUL outer fabric and are lined with polyester suede cloth (stool tends to fall off of suedecloth easily). There is a pocket in the back for stuffing the trainer with absorbent inserts. They will come with two inserts: a two layer insert and a three layer insert. The inserts are made from absorbent microfiber terry and should not be used directly against the skin. You can use both inserts at nap/night time for increased absorbency. Additional inserts will sell separately.

Photos of the inner lining and inserts:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bubbybums Cloth Diapers

Many of today's cloth diapers have polyester linings...and there's nothing wrong with that. We carry those as well. Polyester fleece and suedecloth are moisture wicking fabrics. When I began my parenting journey with cloth diapers, fabrics used then included cotton birdseye and cotton flannel. My oldest son wore cotton flannel contoured diapers which fit into waterproof diaper covers. He never had a diaper rash and I don't recall problems with leaking. It was that positive experience which led me to use both cotton and polyester in these cloth diapers.

The outer layer is waterproof PUL, and the lining fabric is 100% natural cotton french terry with a cute frog print. Velcro tabs close these fitted solid color diapers. The inner layers of the diaper consists of both absorbent polyester microfiber and cotton flannel for a win-win combination.

The cotton velour diaper (below) has a printed PUL outer layer and cotton/poly (80% cotton, 20% polyester) lining with layers of absorbent microfiber terry in the soaker zone. These are fitted diapers with velcro closure. Extra absorbency can be obtained by adding additional soaker pads (the one in the photo is our bamboo terry soaker pad which can be placed against baby's skin, unlike microfiber pads).